Speedway Car Wash Lompoc...
Home of the Best Guests 
and Guest Service Providers in the world!

Welcome to Speedway Car Wash in Lompoc!

Home of the Best Guests and Guest Service Providers in the World! Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!Speedway Car Wash is your local, family-owned and operated car wash in Lompoc.

We feature:

    • The Best Guests in the World!
    • New look Professional Car Care "Guest Service Providers"
    • 100% Automatic Hand Wash
    • Blow dryer plus hand towel dry on all cars
    • No damaging brushes
    • No polluting water runoff

Exciting changes to Speedway Car Wash Lompoc are now here! We have a new look, equipment and tunnel, new uniforms, complete detail services along with special promotions and  daily specials. Come and experience becoming a happy guest served by our energized Guest Service Providers.

See you at Speedway Car Wash Lompoc! Home of the best Guests and Guest Service Providers in the World!

Hours and Location

Open Daily
Monday - Saturday
7:00am to 7:00pm
7:00am to 7:00pm
Located next to
Jack in the Box & PJ's

530 North I Street
Lompoc, CA


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Clean Company Vehicles
Promote a Clean Image

Let Speedway Car Wash assist your company's image by making sure your company vehicles maintain a clean and professional look.

Speedway Car Wash is now offering your local business a way to save money on your vehicle care while increasing the convenience and utility. We now offer a corporate account that includ...

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Where To Find Us

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Acid Rain Cause and Effect

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